100ml -500ml Striped Round Honey Jars

These round honey jars are designed with vertical stripes, and we produce this style of bulk glass jars in various capacities of 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 380ml, and 500ml. We offer metal lids for round glass jars in different colors, to provide a better sealing effect.

Striped Glass Honey Jars in Bulk

Model Number: YF-GHJ012

Capacity: 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 240ml, 280ml, 380ml, 500ml

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Size: 5.6*6.5cm, 6.1*7.5cm, 6.7*7.8cm, 7.2*8.2cm, 7.5*8.2cm, 8.5*9.2cm, 8.8*10.7cm

Striped Glass Jars with Metal Lids
Striped Round Honey Jars Wholesale

These empty round honey jars are made of thick glass food-grade glass, and each clear round jar comes with a metal lid to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. These empty round glass jars with lids can also be used as bulk canning jars or jam jars.

Empty Striped Round Glass Honey Jars
Striped Round Glass Canning Jars
Striped Round Glass Jam Jars

We offer round glass jars wholesale in various capacities, we can custom logos and patterns for round honey jars. The glass jars have a smooth area on one side for custom labels. We can also perform post-processing, color spraying, screen printing, frosting, and electroplating on glass jars.

Striped Round Honey Jars Features

Striped Glass Honey Jars with Lids
Round Honey Jars with Metal Lids
Striped Glass Round Honey Jars
  • The round glass jar has a large mouth design, making it easy to take the honey.
  • The threaded bottle mouth is smooth and round, making it easy to open.
  • The bottom of the glass jar is thickened and textured for stable placement.
  • The matching colored metal lid is carefully designed and equipped with an inner gasket for good sealing.

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