Find the Best Flat Glass Bottles for Food Packaging

We wholesale flat glass bottles in multiple sizes, which are multifunctional and reusable. These empty glass bottles with lids are perfect for coffee, juice, wine, tea, water, milk, and more. The clear glass surface provides enough space to attach labels and create a unique appearance.

Flat Clear Glass Bottles Wholesale

These flat glass beverage bottles with lids are portable. The flat design makes it easy to store them in your pocket without taking up much space. The screw cap effectively prevents liquids from spilling or leaking.

Flat Glass Bottles with Caps Wholesale

Flat glass beverage bottles are unique and have a good sense of texture, and are favored by the market. The material of the glass wine bottle is stable, and the long-term airtight storage has a good protective effect.

We offer custom services, such as spraying color, hot stamping, silk-screen printing, frosting, stick label on the bottle.

Flat Glass Bottles for Essential Oils

The small flat glass bottles are widely used for essential oils packaging. The clear glass body is simple, elegant, and sophisticated.

These flat glass bottles are the perfect container for creating floating flowers. To extend the flowering period of flowers and increase their ornamental value. People soak plants in special preservation solutions and make specimens, making it possible to preserve some rare plant forms for a long time.

Flat Glass Diffuser Bottles Wholesale

How to Make Floating Flowers Bottles

We need to use tweezers and other tools to put the dried flowers into the flat glass perfume bottle. Choose bright flowers as the focal point, and then arrange several small flowers, leaves, or water plants as decorations. All materials should not be too much, to leave some space to appreciate the changes of flowers floating and drifting on the water’s surface.

Slowly inject the special oil along the bottle wall, and use a stirring rod to adjust the position of the dried flowers.

Floating Flowers Bottles

Drop essential oil into the glass bottle and close the lid. The aromatherapy floating bottle is like a water world, light, transparent, and unpredictable.

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