30ml 50ml 100ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottles

We have the luxury empty clear glass perfume bottles in stock now with different capacities, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. We can also supply customers with these empty clear glass perfume bottles with different caps, silver, black, or golden as you like.

Empty Clear Perfume Glass Bottles

Model Number: YF-PGB23

Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Size: 40*82mm, 44*104mm, 54*121mm

Round Perfume Glass Bottles
Perfume Glass Bottle Caps

Our perfume bottle materials undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and durability. Glass is the most commonly used material for perfume bottles because of its transparency, durability, and resistance to chemical reactions. It provides an ideal air and light barrier, ensuring that the scent remains stable over time.

Quality control is always the focus of Yafu Glass Factory, we check each bottle for any flaws. Any empty perfume glass bottles that do not meet strict quality standards will be discarded or recycled.

Custom Clear Glass Perfume Bottles Wholesale

Transparent Perfume Glass Bottles
Empty Perfume Glass Bottles with Caps

These empty clear glass perfume bottles can be suitable for both men and ladies, we can also customize the color and logo according to customers’ requirements.

Yafu glass bottle manufacturer can create bottles with delicate shapes that enhance the overall aesthetic. To meet the diverse needs of brands and consumers, perfume glass bottle manufacturers offer a range of customization options. From embossing and engraving to adding unique embellishments, create custom designs that reflect your brand’s identity.

The customization of glass perfume bottles also extends to the choice of color, finish, and even the combination of brand logos or iconic patterns.

Perfume Glass Bottles Wholesale
Perfume Glass Bottle Manufacturers

Perfume Glass Bottles Shipping and Delivery

  • These transparent perfume bottles are now in stock, and they can be sent out within 3-5 days after the order is placed, and it takes about 30 days to customize the perfume bottle.
  • We can deliver this empty perfume spray bottle to your door or port by sea or air, and we will pack this custom perfume bottle in a secure carton or pallet for safe transportation.

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