Glass Jar Set for Kitchen

Glass Jar Set for Kitchen is the best kitchenware that stored their home canned goods or other foods. This Glass Jar Set for Kitchen Storage is composed of 12*150ml transparent high borosilicate jars. The lid is composed of a bamboo lid + a sealing ring. Good sealing makes the stored objects dry and clean. It is the first choice for many people to store in the kitchen.

Glass Jar Set Packaging

Model Number: YF-GJ19

12pcs per set

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Lid: Bamboo Lid

Shape: Round

Size: 36*33*9cm

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This Glass Jar Set for Kitchen can be used to store different spices such as salt, sugar, pepper, and others. In addition, we also include stickers and markers, so you can distinguish the seasonings placed in the storage jars.

Glass Jar Set for Kitchen Features

  • Heat and cold resistant-The high borosilicate glass could tolerate temperatures from -20℃ to 150℃. You may pour boiling water or frozen water directly into it.
  • Easy to clean-Smooth surface and detachable lid make cleaning effortless.
  • Healthy Choice- Food-grade safe and eco-friendly. Good chemical stability-super acid/alkali/waterproof.
  • Low expansion and high strength. The Lid can be customized. Non-toxic inner for taste and scent neutral.
  • This glass storage jar can be used on many occasions, such as kitchen, restaurant, and BBQ.
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Application of Glass Jar Set for Kitchen

The glass jar set is useful in the kitchen, it can hold dried fruit snacks. Seasonings and ingredients can be stored in glass storage jars. The glass material is healthy and environmentally friendly, has good airtightness, is transparent and visible, and is very convenient to use.

Glass storage bottles with lids can also be used to marinate some food. Glass storage jars are also a good choice. The glass is stable and has no peculiar smell after long-term use. It is very practical for keeping fresh and quality.

Clear glass jars provide a clear view of the food inside, keeping the kitchen tidy and organized. The glass jar with a lid can be stored in the refrigerator, so that it is not easy to deteriorate, it will not transfer flavors, and it can preserve the original flavor of the food to the greatest extent.

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