Crystal Glass Jar

The crystal glass jar is crafted from the finest quality thick crystal glass with superb workmanship. The glass jar is beautifully engraved with diamond cut, so it is very decorative. The jar is small and exquisite, easy to store and carry.

Crystal Glass Jars for Sale

Model Number: YF-GJ02

Capacity: 300ml, 600ml

Shape: Round

Specification: 10oz and 20oz

Color: Clear

Size: 10.5*11cm, 8.8*8.5cm

Crystal Biscuit Jar With Lid
Crystal Candy Jar With Lid

The crystal glass jar capacity is 300ml and 600ml. The wooden lid with handle rope is easy to open. Beautiful glass bottles can store cookies, scented tea, etc… 

Crystal Glass Jar Features

Crystal Jar With Lid
Crystal Food Storag Jars Wholesale
  • Crystal glass cookie jars are made of high-quality glass. The bottle is in flat engraved crystal glass, and the wooden lid has a rope.
  • Crystal glass jar canisters are oval in shape and have no sharp edges. It’s sturdy, durable, and reusable. Easy to clean with a damp cloth, not easy to mold.
  • The wooden lid is designed with a tight fit, which acts as a dustproof and airtight seal to keep the contents clean and fresh.
  • Clear crystal jars with wooden lids are perfect for storing candy, sugar, nuts, cookies, chocolate, coffee beans, trinkets, and more. 
Crystal Glass Candle Jars
Crystal Cookie Jar With Lid

Glass Jars with Lids Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle and glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale crystal glass jars with lids in different shapes and colors. The food-grade glass decorative jars are crafted from lead-free glass, with a very thick bottom that won’t easily fall off, and the lid is easy to remove for getting things in and out.

Empty Luxury Candle Jars Wholesale
Crystal Glass Cookie Jars

This beautiful glass candy jar with lid holds cookies and small pastries, or can be used as a decoration on the dining table. Candy jars with lids can effectively prevent dust and moisture, making it easier and safer to store candies, dried fruits, nuts and other snacks.

The crystal glass jars can also be used as candle jars to decorate the wedding venue. Put wax or a small candle or a string of lights in and it’s a glowing bottle and luxury glass candle jar.

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