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Glass Jar Containers

The glass jar containers with wooden lids adopt a strip design. The capacity is 500-1200ml, the specification is a square bottom of 10cm, and the height varies from 10-20cm. The strip-shaped design makes the glass jar container unique. It is a storage jar, but also can be used as a decorative jar for home and kitchen.

Glass Storage Jars With Lids

Model Number: YF-SGJ01

Capacity: 500ml, 800ml,1200ml

Shape: Square

Specification: W10cm * H10/12/15/18/20cm

Color: Clear

Material: Borosilicate Glass

The square glass jars for food storage are made of borosilicate glass, equips with square wooden lids and silicone seals, making them durable and easy to use every day. This glass storage container with bamboo lid is designed for easy use and cleaning.

The square glass jar with a wooden lid and silicone seal keeps the inside of the jar airtight. Glass jar set is suitable for storing all kinds of dry food, pasta, beans, nuts, oatmeal, candy, cookies, cereal or small items.

Glass Jar Containers With Lids Wholesale

We offer wholesale glass jar containers with lids in different shapes and sizes. The Glass Jar Container has a smooth mouth and body with a unique clear stripe design for home and kitchen decor. The wide bottom makes the glass jar stable.

Glass storage jars are made of lead-free glass, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Each jar comes with a natural bamboo lid, and a food-grade silicone seal around the bamboo lid keeps air out, allowing food to last longer.

Our glass storage jars are great airtight containers. Airtight lids are designed to provide a tight fit, keeping your jar contents fresher for longer. These glass jar containers can be reused repeatedly. Empty Glass Storage Jars with Lids are great for storing and displaying a variety of dry foods such as coffee beans, soybeans, mung beans, rice, biscuits, tea leaves, flour, sugar, and more.

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