Square Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set

The square glass cosmetic bottle set is made of high-quality frosted glass with a high-end texture. Each glass bottle comes with a durable pressure pump as well as an ABS cap. Large diameter square frosted glass cosmetic jars come with black or white screw caps.

Square Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set

Model Number: YF-CBS07

Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml

Material: Glass

Color: Frosted

Shape: Square

Size: D3.3*11.5cm, D3.9*17cm, D4*19cm, D5.2*3.8cm, D6.8*4.8cm

Square Glass Spray Bottles
Square Glass Cosmetic Bottles Wholesale

As the best cosmetic packaging containers, glass bottles and jars have good temperature tolerance and are not easily deformed. They can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures. Square glass bottles are more convenient to sterilize than plastic bottles, can be recycled and reused, and have no pollution to the environment.

Square Glass Cosmetic Bottle Features

Square Glass Cosmetic Bottles
Square Glass Cosmetic Bottle Packaging
Square Glass Cosmetic Jars
  • Square glass cosmetic bottles have good stability and barrier properties, and are not prone to chemical reactions with skin care products.
  • Frosted glass bottles have a high appearance and texture, conveying a high-end feeling to consumers.
  • The square glass bottle adopts a screw mouth, and the glass cream jar adopts a gasket and screw cap, which has excellent sealing performance.
  • The pump head adopts a convenient pressing design, which can easily control the usage amount.

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