Glass Containers For Cosmetics

Glass containers for cosmetics are mainly divided into perfume bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles and essential oil bottles. Glass bottles are relatively stable and are not prone to chemical reactions with skin care and beauty products. Glass is resistant to high temperatures and can be sterilized more conveniently and thoroughly than plastic bottles.

Glass Containers For Cosmetics

Model Number: YF-CBS01

Volume: 40ml, 100ml, 120ml

Material: Glass

Color: Black

Sealing Type: Screw

Surface Handling: Color Spraying

Black Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set
Black Glass Containers For Cosmetics

The glass bottles and glass jars have certain impact resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand heating and cooling processes. There are no defects such as deformation, surface unevenness, unevenness, and cracks. They are easily to clean and fill.

Glass Containers For Cosmetics Features

Black Glass Cosmetic Packaging
Custom Glass Containers For Cosmetics
Black Glass Cosmetic Containers

Yafu Glass containers for cosmetics have certain performance and meet the following quality standards.

Glass quality: pure, uniform, without defects such as sand, streaks, bubbles, etc. Colorless glass has high transparency. The colored glass bottle is uniform and stable in color and can absorb light energy of specific wavelengths.

Physical and chemical properties: Glass cosmetic bottles have certain chemical stability and do not interact with the contents.

Molding quality: maintain constant volume, weight and shape, make the wall thickness uniform, make the mouth smooth and flat, ensure easy filling and good sealing.

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