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Glass Milk Bottle

Glass Milk Bottle is a clear round milk jar. Its capacity is 8oz, 16oz, 32oz. Milk bottles with lids keep milk better in the refrigerator.


Model Number: YF-GM001

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Capacity: 8oz 16oz 32oz

Sealing Type: CROWN CAP

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Usage: Milk Package and other Beverage

As the most traditional milk packaging, glass milk bottle has an elegant appearance, high appearance, and high transparency, which can clearly see the quality and state of milk.

Glass Milk Container
Vintage Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Bottle Features

The chemical composition of glass is stable and will not cause secondary pollution.

Glass milk bottles can be recycled, which can greatly reduce resource consumption.

Good high barrier, no contact with the outside. The milk in the glass bottle is not contaminated.

Compression resistance, high-temperature resistance, convenient for packaging and transportation.

Bottled milk costs less. Whether it is cleaning or canning, whether it is high temperature sterilization or ultra-low temperature freezing, it is easy to operate.

Glass Milk Bottles With Lids
Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Jar Manufacturer

Yafu Glass offers various glass bottles for food packaging. Glass bottled milk gives people a sense of hierarchy and superiority, and is obviously purer.

We can carry out a variety of production and processing: frosting of glass bottles, ink printing, baking or painting and other processing.

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