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Wine Decanter With Ice Chamber

The glass wine decanter with ice chamber features a creative groove design. Ice cubes can be poured into the groove, and red wine can be chilled. This glass bottle with ice pocket is the perfect decanter to enhance the flavor of your wine.

Red Wine Decanter with Ice Chamber

Model Number: YF-GWD08

Material: Glass

Capacity: 250ml, 440ml

Color: Clear

Size: 9.6*12.1cm, 9.6*17cm

Weight: 167g, 200g

We offer glass wine decanter with ice chamber in two capacities: 250ml and 440ml. This wine decanter is made of high-quality lead-free glass material, and has a simple and practical design.

The mouth of the bottle is designed in a V shape, which is helpful for pouring red wine. The decanter bottle body is smooth and delicate, and the bottom is very thick, which can be placed on the table smoothly.

Glass wine jugs with ice pocket can be used to serve sake, shochu, beer, liquor, whiskey, and wine. We can add ice cubes to the glass cavity and cool wine easily in summer.

In the hot summer, iced drinks can make the wine taste better, and an iced wine container is essential. High-quality wine can maintain a good taste and flavor after the temperature drops to a certain level.

Wine Decanter With Ice Chamber Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass wine decanters with ice chambers and glasses in different colors and sizes. Our special glass wine bottle not only achieves the purpose of ice wine, but also does not affect the wine flavor after the ice melts.

When enjoying good wine, choose the right wine vessel, not only will it taste unique, but it will also add to the atmosphere when drinking. Wine glasses made of different materials will change the taste of the wine. Even if it is the same wine, different wine bottles will feel different aromas.

The glass wine decanter with ice chamber is visually transparent, which is convenient for observing the color of the wine. The modern glass decanter dispensers with ice pockets are easy to clean and use, and also can be used to serve water, beverage, juice, coffee, and tea, they are suitable for home, office, party, hotel, or picnic.

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