Vodka Glass Bottles

The vodka glass bottles feature a dimpled platform design for durability. The glass bottle comes with a T-shaped wooden lid to create an airtight environment and maintain the freshness of the liquor inside.

Vodka Glass Bottle

Model Number: YF-WB05

Capacity: 750ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Size: 9.8*19cm

Glass Liquor Bottles with T-Top Wood Caps
Glass Bottles with T-Top Wood Caps

The clear glass bottles hold 750ml of vodka. The vodka glass bottles have a round mouth with a small caliber and a tight stopper. The glass vodka bottle with a stopper is airtight and leak-proof, and can be shaken upside down without dripping.

Vodka Glass Bottles Features

Vodka Clear Glass Bottle
Glass Bottles For Vodka
  • The glass bottle body is smooth and translucent, and the thickened bottle bottom is designed with raised lines to increase friction, so that they are not easy to slip.
  • The clear glass bottle with black T-top caps ensures good sealing and keeps items fresh tasting for longer.
  • This vodka glass bottle for sale is sturdy and tip-proof, and the T-shaped cap ensures a tight seal. 
  • The vodka bottle has a concave bottom, which is more stable and not easy to fall. Fermenting wine can develop gasses, and the dimpled bottom makes the bottle more able to withstand the pressure.

Glass Vodka Bottles Wholesale

Wholesale Glass Wine Bottles
Wholesale Glass Bottles with Wood Caps

Yafu Glass is one of the best glass wine bottle suppliers, we offer wholesale vodka glass bottles wholesale in different sizes and shapes. Our wine bottles are made from lead-free premium glass. The color of the glass wine bottle can be changeable, and the form can also be changeable. We have a variety of colors and styles of glass bottles for winemakers, giving wine manufacturers a lot of choices.

We offer glass wine bottles with T-tops in different materials. Different caps will preserve a variety of liquids in this high-quality modern bottle. The clear glass bottles are multipurpose and reusable.

The Glass Vodka Bottles with T-Top Lids are perfect for serving all kinds of liquid, such as wine, beer, juice, tea, vinegar, oil, water, and more. They are suitable for any dining table at home, bar, cafe, restaurant, etc.

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