Best Glass Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale

Looking for the best supplier of Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale? Yafu Glass manufacturer offers the best glass hexagonal jars for food storage. Our wholesale hexagonal honey jars come in two different shapes, hexagonal flat glass jars and hexagon mason jars. They can hold 50-500ml of honey. These empty hexagon mason jars can be used as Jam Jars Bulk, Pickling Jars, Canning Jars, Glass Liquid Containers.

Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale

Glass containers are the best for storing honey jars. The glass is biodegradable and does not react with honey or absorb odors from stored items. And the hexagonal glass honey jars can be reused infinitely. When it’s recycled, it doesn’t release toxic fumes like plastic does.

Glass honey jars can be heat sterilized, but plastic containers cannot. Plastic is more prone to scratches if old containers are reused. These scratches can harbor bacteria and are not easily sanitized. All plastics can leach chemicals when scratched or heated.

Airtight Glass Honey Jars

The hexagon honey jars wholesale glass bottle mouth adopts a threaded mouth, which can ensure the airtightness of the stored food. We also offer various materials lids for hexagon honey jars wholesale.

Hexagon Shape Honey Containers with Wooden Dippers

It is important to store honey in an airtight glass container as it helps preserve the honey’s moisture. If the water is extracted from the honey by allowing it to evaporate, it will crystallize more quickly. If water is allowed to enter the honey, there may be a case of fermentation.

Store glass hexagonal honey jars in a cool, dry place. When honey is exposed to too much sunlight or high temperature, it will darken in color and lose its aroma and fresh taste. It is not necessary to refrigerate honey, as colder temperatures will cause the honey to curdle.

Glass Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale

Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale

Yafu glass hexagonal honey jar wholesale has various specifications, these airtight glass jars can store all kinds of food, canned food, peppers, pickles, grains, honey, nuts, and other foods.

When storing honey or other food in hexagonal glass jars, make sure that crumbs and foreign debris are not allowed to remain in the honey. These foreign objects can breed bacteria and mold. Make sure the glass jars are clean and the lids are tightly closed to not allow water to enter the container.

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