Glass Steeping Teapot

The glass steeping teapot is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. The glass teapot adopts French enamel craftsmanship, inlay, and other craftsmanship, and is designed with a drip-proof spout and a perfectly ergonomic handle for a firm grip. Glass teapots can be used for both cold and hot beverages.

Glass Steeping Teapot

Model Number: YF-GJ07

Capacity: 260ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Size: 6.3*16cm

Glass Sttping Teapots with France Enamel Flower Butterfly Decoration
Glass Tea Pot with Enamel Rose Flower Butterfly
Glass Blooming Tea Teapot for Women
Tea Steeping Glass Pot

Glass Steeping Teapot Features

This high quality glass teapot comes in an elegant floral design, we have a flower pattern in red and blue with bright gold leaf edges. The glass teapot pattern is rigorously made, and never fades, and the carving is unique. The handle of the glass jug is decorated with golden lines.

The three-dimensionally carved roses are vivid, as if growing on the wall of the glass teapot. The sculpted butterflies come to life, echoing the roses. The glass jug handle is exquisite, like a rose vine, which is perfectly connected to the teapot.

The bottom of the glass teapot is stable and will not tip over. A built-in metal filter is placed in the spout for filtering bulk or scented tea. The glass steeping teapot with infuser is perfect for any kind of tea, and the clear glass allows you to enjoy the tea leaves unfolding.

Glass Clear Teapot Set
Glass Blooming Tea Teapot Set

Glass Steeping Teapot Set Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass steeping teapot sets in different colors. The glass teapot with flowers can match any home decoration. Our transparent glass steeping teapots and glass cups are made of high-quality lead-free eco-friendly glass materials, handcrafted by skilled professional artisans.

We also offer enamel-decorated glass cups in different flower patterns. The hand enamel glass flower cup has an elegant style, and the flower 3D design makes it look elegant and new. The clear glass cup is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and is hand-enameled.

Enamel Color Craftsmanship

Enamel Color Craftsmanship
Luxury Glass Teapot
  1. Preform mold making: The artisan manually carves the preform mold on the metal.
  2. Painting enamel: Slowly and evenly color the enamel paint on the mold.
  3. Firing and then coloring: Put the colored mold into the oven to bake and shape. After taking it out, coloring and baking are repeated several times.

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