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Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils

The glass spray bottles for essential oils are so versatile, they are perfect for making a room spray or facial spray with essential oils. The spray mechanism ensures even distribution of essential oils, allowing you to enjoy its benefits in a refreshing and convenient way.

The best spray container is a glass spray bottle, because essential oils do not react chemically with glass. The essential oils in the glass spray bottle are isolated from the outside air, which prevents product contamination.

Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils

We have glass spray bottles for essential oils in different shapes and sizes. Amber glass bottles are often used to store essential oils because they provide UV protection, preventing sunlight from degrading the oil. These glass spray bottles for essential oils can be reused, they can protect sensitive essential oils, cleaning solutions, bleach mixtures, and anything else.

How to Use Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils

Essential Oil Spray Bottles

We can directly drop the essential oil into a spray bottle with clean pure water, which can be used on the face and body skin surface.

Mix a few drops of essential oil with a small amount of alcohol, add water, and shake slightly to make an essential oil spray. If you want to use it immediately, you can mix the essential oil and water directly, shake it thoroughly before use, spray it 1 to 2 times and shake it again. Essential oils do not mix with water, but vigorous shaking can cause the essential oils to eject in the form of suspended oil droplets in the water. The proportion of essential oils in sprays is usually 5%.

Glass Spray Bottles For Essential Oils Wholesale

We wholesale essential oil glass bottles in a variety of sizes, and also offer different sealing options for glass bottles, such as dropper caps, roll-on caps, spray caps, or screw caps. Smaller glass bottles are great for making travel-sized essential oil blends, while larger glass bottles are great for storing oils that are used in bulk.

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