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Fruit Juice Glass Bottle

The fruit juice glass bottle features a sleek design. This glass bottle has a large belly and a thin neck, which aids in the fermentation of the fruit wine. Empty glass bottles are made of new high-quality materials. The clear glass bottle holds 330ml of wine.

Glass Drinking Bottles With Lids
Model NumberYF-GM008
Capacity290ml, 330ml, 375ml
CapScrew Cap, Wooden Stopper
UsageJuice, Milk, Wine, Tea

The mouth of the glass beverage bottle is round, smooth, and finely polished. Glass bottle with a screw cap for better sealing. The bottom of the fruit juice glass bottle is thickened and has non-slip threads for stable placement.

The screw cap of the glass beverage bottle is available in four color options: gold, silver, white and black. The caps of the fruit wine glass bottles are available in three styles of corks.

Fruit Juice Glass Bottle Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass bottles manufacturer, we offer juice glass bottles and lids in different shapes. The transparent glass bottle is labeled with the logo or item inside the bottle, which will make the drink look extra special.

Designed for important occasions like family dinners, and birthday parties, these glass water bottles offer different drinks and look beautiful when filled with colorful juices. They are great for storing water, milk, iced tea in the refrigerator for everyday drinking.

When the beverage in the glass bottle is used up, it can be washed in the dishwasher. Empty tall glass bottles can also be used as glass vases to decorate the home.

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