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Yafu Glass offers glass milk bottles wholesale, we have different shapes and sizes of glass bottles for milk packaging. Glass does not react with the substances inside and releases substances into the product in the glass container, which is why glass containers can be used for milk packaging without any health risk.

Glass Juice Bottles Wholesale

Our milk bottles are made of high-quality lead-free glass material, glass bottles with lids are perfect for storing milk, coffee, juice, honey, syrup, jam, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and more.

We offer different types of lids for glass bottle sealing. A wooden stopper or screw cap seals the glass bottle tightly, preventing accidental leaks and spills. The caps of glass milk bottles wholesale also prevent odors from penetrating the contents of the bottle.

These glass beverage bottles wholesale are made of high-quality glass, which is safe, clear, tasteless, and smooth. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher. These best glass milk coffee bottles won’t break after freezing, so they’re great for keeping homemade juices, nut milk, smoothies, and more fresh and delicious.

Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale

Custom Fancy Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale

Bubble Tea Glass Bottles

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle manufacturer, we offer various fancy glass milk bottles, such as bulb-shaped glass milk bottles, and Christmas tree glass bottles, square glass bottles for milk.

Glass bottle containers are essential in the food and beverage industry. Glass has unique sustainability advantages, being reusable and infinitely recyclable in a closed loop. This makes them a better replacement for plastic bottles from an environmental standpoint.

Glass bottles will account for more than half of its market share in the food and beverage industry, and the use of glass bottles in milk and coffee packaging will continue to drive sales.

These glass milk bottles wholesale are great for storing milk, juices, shakes, jams, wine, beverages, and more. Small glass bottles are easy to carry and can be used for picnics, and birthday parties.

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