Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles

The coloured glass diffuser bottles are made of a strong and durable glass material that complements a variety of home decor. Pour aromatic essential oils into a colored glass bottle and insert a reed to make a reed diffuser. The glass reed diffuser will fill your house with a fresh and natural aroma and improve air quality.

Blue Glass Diffuser Bottle

Model Number: YF-DB05

Capacity: 120ml

Color: Green, Gray, Pink

Shape: Round

Size: 56.5*103mm

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles with Stoppers

We have three colors for these glass bottles. The colored glass bottles with stoppers are great for diffusers, reeds and essential oils, or for floral displays. 

Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottles Features

  • This decorative glass bottle features square cutouts for slip resistance. The glass bottle has a smooth finish and a pleasant touch.
  • These coloured glass diffuser bottles are uniquely shaped with a pot-bellied body and a reversed mouth. The padded flat bottom is soft and smooth and won’t scratch tabletops.
  • These colored glass bottles can be placed in different places, such as the bedroom, living room, washroom, study, and so on.
Coloured Glass Diffuser Bottle
Coloured Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles

Glass Diffuser Bottles Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer empty glass diffuser bottles in different colors. The glass diffuser bottles are designed in different patterns. The reed diffuser bottles are great for gathering parties, weddings, anniversaries, events, etc.

We offer various stoppers for coloured glass diffuser bottles, they can ensure that the fragrance is not easy to spread. Glass bottle has removable stopper, the glass bottle can be used for anything from kitchen use to decoration. They can be used as medicine jars, wine, diffuser bottles, and more.

Coloured Diffuser Bottles
Stopper for Reed Diffuser Bottles

These colored glass bottles can be reed diffuser bottles with favorite essential oils and reeds, glass vases with flower buds or greenery, or glass wine bottles with stoppers.

We stock a variety of styles of glass diffuser bottles, each bottle is uniquely designed. Embossed design and clear glass design add a touch of vintage decor to any decor.

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