Black Glass Lotion Bottle

The black glass lotion bottle can be matched with different lotion pumps, the empty lotion bottle with pump is best for hand sanitizer, dish soap, lotion, personal care products, soaps, essential oils, etc. The black glass lotion bottle with pump controls the dispensing of 500ml of cream, ointment, or lotion.

Lotion Pump Bottle

Model Number: YF-LB06

Capacity: 500ml

Shape: Round

Color: Clear, White, Blue, Amber, Black, Green

Material: Glass

Amber Glass Lotion Bottles
Blue Glass Lotion Bottles

Black Glass Lotion Bottle Features

Our glass cosmetic bottles and jars are made from durable and recyclable materials, from black plastic pumps to black glass bottles. Our glass lotion bottles are available in Clear, White, Blue, Amber, Black, and Green.

The black glass material blocks UV rays and provides enough fresh protection for the lotion. Heavy duty durable black glass for any home decor. The black glass lotion bottle is suitable for bathroom counters and bedroom corners.

Lotion Pump Glass Bottles
Dark Glass Lotion Bottles

Glass Lotion Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass manufactures and supplies wholesale glass lotion bottles that are available in multiple color selections and styles.

This glass lotion bottle has a cylindrical shape with short curved shoulders and no handle. The top of the bottle is threaded to fit screw-on caps, which are designed to fit every bottle of all sizes. The lotion pump cover has a pump that can be pressed down to dispense lotion, sanitizer, and other creams.

Our dark glass lotion bottle blocks harmful UV rays to keep your creams fresher and longer. Pumps are available in metal and plastic models and in white, black, silver and gold colors.

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