30ml Flat Glass Perfume Bottle

The flat glass perfume bottle adopts a hexagonal design and the transparent bottle body is simple and stylish. The anodized aluminum sprayer is equipped with a snap-on cover, which is reusable and beautiful.

Flat Glass Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB24

Capacity: 30ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Hexagon

Size: 3*10.7cm

The empty glass spray perfume bottle has a capacity of 30ml, which can hold perfume and essential oils. It can be used multiple times. Flat glass perfume bottles are an excellent choice for dispensing fragrance.

30ml Flat Glass Perfume Bottle
Flat Glass Perfume Bottle with Cap

Flat Glass Perfume Bottle Features

This flat glass perfume bottle is made of high-quality thickened glass material, which is strong in texture, sturdy and durable. Fully transparent bottle design, combined with aluminum cap, perfect for bottling perfume. Elegant fine mist perfume sprayer suitable for women, ladies, girls travel, date, school and almost all occasions.

30ml Glass Perfume Bottle
Flat Glass Perfume Bottles

As a professional glass perfume bottle manufacturer, Yafu Glass has gained a high reputation around the world for its excellent quality, preferential prices, and professional services. Yafu Glass factory is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. We independently design and develop glass products. We’re committed to bringing you something fun, personal, and meaningful.

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