Hexagonal Perfume Bottles

The hexagonal perfume bottles are made of high-quality thickened glass. The transparent hexagonal glass bottle with square cap is unique, strong texture, and durable. The empty hexagonal glass perfume bottle comes in three sizes, holding 30ml, 50ml and 100ml of perfume.

Hexagonal Perfume Bottles

Model Number: YF-PGB22

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Hexagon

Size: 4.6*8.3cm, 6*10.3cm, 7*12.4cm

Hexagonal Glass Perfume Bottle
Hexagonal Perfume Bottle

The empty hexagonal perfume bottles with nebulizers are perfect for storing essential oils, body sprays, homemade DIY sprays, natural fragrances, air fresheners, and more. In addition, it can also be used to hold other liquids, such as alcohol, sunscreen, etc.

Hexagonal Perfume Bottles Features

  • The transparent glass bottle is equipped with an elegant fine mist perfume atomizer, the aroma and mist are even and delicate, easy to control. 
  • The glass perfume bottle is reusable, lightweight, and easy to carry. They are perfect for business trips, travel, outings, offices and more.
  • The body of the perfume bottle is designed with minimalist transparent hexagonal glass. And the sharp-edged glass can clearly present the color of the perfume. 
  • The angular glass bottle embodies practicality and rusticity, in stark contrast to the ornate perfume bottle and the oddly shaped cork.
Hexagonal Perfume Spray Bottles
Hexagonal Perfume Glass Bottles

Custom Hexagonal Perfume Glass Bottles

Yafu Glass is one of the best glass perfume bottle suppliers, we offer custom hexagonal glass bottles in different colors and caps. 

Our glass perfume bottles are blown by automatic machines, and we can customize hexagonal perfume bottles in various shapes and specifications. Our glass bottles are made of selected materials, advanced processing technology, and strict quality inspection.

Hexagonal Glass Perfume Bottles
Colored Hexagonal Perfume Bottle

The types of perfume fragrances are limited. In addition to the fragrance, the design of perfume bottle packaging is the highlight to attract consumers. An interesting glass bottle design can be a selling point of a perfume. Sometimes, a beautiful glass bottle of perfume is even more alluring than its scent.

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