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Glass Drinking Straws

Glass drinking straws with round ball are used for water, coffee, juice, milk, beverage drinking. It can also stir drinks. Crystal clear, high borosilicate glass material, more hygienic and durable. Good light transmission, not easy to break, long use time.


Model Number: 2019021405

Material: Glass

Length: 200 mm

Diameter: 8 mm

Shape: Bent/Straight

Color: Colorful

Usage: Drinking Beverage/juice/milk/coffee

Glass Drinking Straws with Round Ball
Glass Straws with Round Ball

Glass Drinking Straws Features

The workmanship is delicate, the cut surface of the straw is flat, the overall polishing is round and smooth, and the mouth is not scratched.

The color glass straws can withstand the temperature range of -20℃-110℃, which is more durable. Do not quench and heat.

Relying on the mouth of the cup, the curvature is suitable, and drinking is convenient.

Glass Straws Size
Colorful Glass Straw

Glass Straws Supplier

Yafu Glass offers various styles, colors and specifications glass straws. They also can be customized according to customer requirements. Our straw glass is made of food-grade borosilicate heat-resistant glass, which is a reusable straw with high safety performance.

The reusable glass straws are odorless and safe to use, heat and low temperature resistant, can serve you for a long time. These ball glass straws work well with your glasses, jars, mugs, mugs and tumblers for drinks, smoothies, shakes, water, coffee, tea, milk and cocktails.

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