Glass Stir Sticks

Glass stir sticks are mainly used for stirring liquid beverages. The material is high borosilicate glass. The length is 200mm. A suitable temperature is -20°C-150°C. High silicon heat-resistant glass is used as the main material of the stirring rod.

Glass Bar Stirrers

Model Number: YF-GS03

Material: Glass High Borosilicate

Length: 200mm

Diameter: 8mm

Shape: Round

Temperature: -20°C-150°C

Blown Glass Swizzle Sticks
Art Glass Swizzle Sticks
Glass Drink Stirrers

Glass Stir Sticks Features

  • Unique handle: exquisite and smooth shape, carefully crafted by the caster.
  • The surface is smooth and round, with great hand feel, intimate grip and durable.
  • Unique round bottom: The design of the outer arc cup mouth is more humanized.
  • The workmanship is smooth and round, the stirring is more comfortable, and the cleaning is more convenient.
  • Comfortable rhinestones: The inlaid rhinestones add a mood to the stirring rod.
Glass Swizzle Sticks
Stirrer Stick Glass

Pentagram Rhinestone Stirrer Supplier

The glass stirrer is fresh and elegant. It has different shapes, including Pentagrams, diamonds, and other unique shapes. The Pentagram Rhinestone Stirrer is available in Ocean Blue, Rose Red, Sunlight Yellow, Bright Color, and Colorful Crystal.

The glass stirring rod has a stunning and elegant design. They are easy to clean after mixing and mixing, and the mixer can be reused after cleaning. These glass stir sticks are available in a variety of colors and have carvings in various forms and shapes on the top handle. They add a touch of elegance to glasses with their beauty and finish.

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