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Colored Glass Straws

The colored glass straw material is high borosilicate glass. The colors are transparent, gold, blue, green, lake green, soot, white jade, amber, pink, black, and purple. The angle of the elbow is neat and uniform.


Colored Glass Straws

Model Number: 2020011105zcl

Length: 200 mm

Diameter: 8 mm

Shape: Bent

Color: Colorful

Usage: Beverage Drinking

Short Glass Straws
Colored Glass Straws Packaging

Colored Glass Straws Features

  • Using high borosilicate glass, clear and transparent, each color is unique.
  • Cold and heat resistant, temperature range of -30°-150°.
  • There are two states: curved and straight.
  • The nozzle is especially delicate after being smooth and polished.
Glass Cocktail Straws
Glass Cocktail Straws

Glass Straws Supplier

Of course, a good-looking drink needs a good-looking straw. We offer various glass straws for beverage drinking.

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