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Glass Lunch Box

Glass lunch box food containers are available in 1.3L, 850ml, 550ml capacities. The glass is easier to clean and heated directly by microwave. Airtight lids help food store better in the refrigerator.

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Glass Lunch Box Food Container

Model Number: 2019071804

Material: Glass, Borosilicate glass

Color: Clear

Craft: Handmade

Capacity: 1.3L/850ml/550ml

Usage: Storage Container, Bento Box

Glass Sandwich Container
Glass Bento Box Containers
Glass Lunch Box With Compartments
Glass Lunch Box Cap

Glass Lunch Box Features

  • The lid of food-grade PP material is perfectly matched with the body of high borosilicate glass.
  • The temperature range of the lunch box is minus 20 ℃ to minus 500 ℃.
  • With a double sealing design, a rubber ring and silicone cover tightly lock the glass box body.
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Glass Food Container Advantage

The glass lunch box is thick and sturdy, and has a large capacity. The sealing is very good. The rubber ring on the edge of the lid tightly locks the freshness of the food, and the silicone tape on the outside of the lunch box tightly locks the body of the lid, which increases the sealing performance of the lunch box again. 

Both low and high temperatures can be used, and the buckling method is unique. Whether it is microwaved or steamed, glass is the safest and healthiest. There is also a divider in the inner glass, so that the food can be separated.

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