Car Diffuser Perfume Bottle

The car diffuser perfume bottle consists of an 8ml colored glass body and a wooden cap. The car perfume bottle is small and portable, and the diamond-shaped bottle is more distinctive.

Car Diffuser Glass Bottle

Model Number: YF-DB04

Capacity: 8ml

Color: Clear, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple

Shape: Diamond Shaped

Size: 2.7*5.8cm

Empty Car Diffuser Bottles
Hanging Car Perfume Glass Bottles

The transparent car perfume glass bottle is further processed into the frosted glass bottle, and colored glass bottle. We offer 8ml diamond-shaped glass bottles in different colors, such as Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple.

Glass Car Diffuser Bottle

Car Diffuser Perfume Bottle Features

  • The car aromatherapy bottle is made of thick glass, and the unique shape has an elegant atmosphere. 
  • Natural beech wood cap provides exceptional durability and slow fragrance release.
  • Car air fresheners can refill the bottle with any essential oil. Because it comes with a screw cap for easy refilling.
  • Hanging glass perfume bottles add your favorite fragrances and can be used as a diffuser to decorate your car. 
  • The solid wooden polymer cover absorbs the fragrance and will release it slowly and persistently, improving the odor in the car.
Car Diffuser Glass Bottles
Car Perfume Glass Bottles

Car Diffuser Glass Bottle Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass perfume bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale colorful car diffuser perfume bottles and high-quality tapered wood covers. These empty glass bottles hold perfumes, essential oils, herbs, or other items.

We also offer lanyards in different shapes. The adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to hang glass bottles. Hanging Car Perfume Glass Bottle can be hung in a bag, living room, bedroom, or as an interior fragrance decoration.

Car Diffuser Perfume Bottles

Suspended Aroma Diffusers are a must for the car, they freshen the air and bring an elegant decorative touch to the car, creating a comfortable car environment.

The stained glass car diffuser perfume bottle hangs easily and can be adjusted to hang in the rearview mirror, room bedroom, windowsill, or anywhere.

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