Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass offers glass beverage bottles wholesale, we have various styles of glass bottles and jars for juice beverage packaging. Glass is reusable and recyclable and will not react with stored beverages. Glass bottles and jars extend the shelf life of fruit juice beverages, allowing the product to be stored longer.

Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GMB06

Capacity: 250ml, 375ml, 500ml

Color: Clear, Frosted

Material: Glass

Size: 6.8*19.8cm, 7.5*22.2cm, 8.2*23.5cm

Glass Bottles For Carbonated Drinks
Soda Bottle Glass

Glass bottle containers keep juice drinks unchanged in shape, color and design, making them the perfect packaging product. The increasing consumption of fruit juice drinks has driven the demand for glass bottles and jars. Designing and printing glass jars can increase the appeal of beverages.

We offer different caps with different shapes of glass juice bottles, such as cork lids, metal lids, rubber lids, or plastic caps. Empty refillable beverage glass bottles with caps are perfect for storing almost any kind of beverage.

Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale Advantages

Glass Beverage Bottles
Glass Soda Bottles
  • The juice beverage bottle adopts clear and frosted glass material. High quality glass bottles are BPA free, safe to drink and store, and can be reused over and over again. 
  • Each glass juice bottle comes with an airtight screw cap that is free of chemicals and lead and snaps on securely and quickly for easy everyday use and portability.
  • Glass beverage bottles wholesale prices are competitive. They can be used to hold juice, milk, tea, water, beer, wine, coffee, salad dressing, beverages, etc.

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