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Glass Lantern Candle Holder

The glass lantern candle holder consists of clear glass and metal frame. The top of the lantern has a metal handle for hanging glass candle holders.

Lantern Glass Candle Holder

Model Number: YF-22030502

Material: Glass

Color: Black, Amber

Shape: Rectangle

Size: 53.5*22*21cm, 41*17*16cm

We offer candle decorative lanterns in two different colors, black and amber.

Glass Lantern Candle Holder Features

The front glass door can be opened and closed, and candles or knickknacks can be placed inside.

There is a round metal handle on the top, which has a great texture.

The candle lantern with glass panes is a great decoration, perfect for celebrating holidays, birthdays, weddings and more.

Glass candle holder lanterns can sit on a flat tabletop or hang from shelves, stairs, passages, walls, patios, porches, and more.

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