Glass Honey Containers

The glass honey containers are pot-bellied hexagonal glass bottles. Each clear hex glass jar comes with a metal lid, so as to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. This pot-bellied hexagonal glass honey jar is perfect for storing honey, spices, donkey-hide gelatin, chutneys, jams, and more.

Hexagonal Jars With Lids

Model Number: YF-GHJ004

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Capacity: 380ml, 730ml

Shape: Hexagon

Honey Glass Jars Wholesale
Hexagon Honey Jars Wholesale

Our oval hexagon glass honey containers are available in 380ml and 730ml capacities. The hexagonal honey jars are beautiful and easy to store, saving space. The Oval Hexagon Jar is made of high white material glass, with a high finish and good transparency. The lead-free thickened glass jar does not contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, and antimony, so it is safe to use.

Glass Honey Containers Features

Hexagonal Honey Bottle
Glass Honey Jars Bulk
  • This empty glass honey jar has good sealing performance, and the mouth of the bottle fits closely with the bottle cap, which is not easy to leak. 
  • The honey glass jar features a wide mouth for easy storage and cleaning. The glass jar adopts a flat mouth design, which feels comfortable to the touch.
  • The bottom of the bottle is designed to be non-slip, and the smooth bottle body is reusable and more durable.
  • The lid adopts a golden honeycomb lid + PE gasket, which can better fit and seal with the glass bottle.

Best Glass Honey Jars Manufacturer

Hexagon Jars Wholesale
Hexagon Jars With Gold Lids

Yafu Glass is the best glass honey containers supplier, we offer wholesale glass honey jars in different shapes. The honey jars are made of a high-quality thick glass body, and the screw caps are made of high-quality metal, easy to clean. We can also carry out deep processing of glass bottles, such as frosting, lettering, decals, etc.

The PH value of honey is about 3.9, which is weakly acidic and can slowly oxidize metals, so glass jars are the best honey containers. Glass honey jars with lids seal well and are perfect for liquids such as jams and honey.

The hexagonal design of the glass honey jar provides a better grip and saves space. Anti-slip design on the bottom can increase friction. The Ball Hexagon Jar has a wide opening for easy filling with honey.

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