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Decorative Reed Diffuser Bottles

The decorative reed diffuser bottles are made of glass material. This flat crescent shaped glass bottle is durable, sturdy and reusable. This 100ml frosted glass aromatherapy diffuser bottle is exquisite, a small mouth can reduce the evaporation of aromatherapy.

Reed Diffuser Bottles Bulk

Model Number: YF-DB02

Capacity: 100ml, 200ml

Color: Clear, Green, Brown

Material: Glass

Shape: Flat Crescent Shape

Surface Technology: Frosted, Color Sprayed

The beautiful empty glass diffuser bottle is easy to use. Simply place essential oils and diffuser reeds in a glass diffuser bottle and fragrance will be released slowly to freshen the air. Glass diffuser bottles are a classic addition to any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

This flat glass bottle with stopper is watertight and has a good seal. The fragrance does not evaporate when not in use. This refillable aromatherapy bottle holds your favorite fragrance and can be given as a gift to friends or family. This glass bottle is easier to clean.

Unlike scented candles, reed diffusers don’t need to be lit, and they can emit a charming aroma in bursts. The decorative reed diffuser bottle is very beautiful, and it is a delicate decoration at home.

Decorative Reed Diffuser Bottles Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale decorative reed diffuser bottles, we also offer various caps for empty glass diffuser bottles.

Yafu Glass also provides customization service, which is customized according to customer’s samples. We can also process multi-transparent decorative reed diffuser bottles, such as color spraying, silk screen printing, bronzing, silver bronzing, baking flowers, etc.

The frosted glass diffuser bottle is easy to use, just pour the essential oil and put in the diffuser reed to absorb and diffuse the scent. The decorative reed diffuser bottle set releases a mild, long-lasting and stable scent for room use.

The rich floral fragrance brings a good mood to the family and refreshes the interior. A reed diffuser can help soothe your mood and improve sleep quality.

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