Color Change Glass Cups

The color change glass cups are magic glasses. When we pour a cold drink into the glass, the flower color of the glass will turn pink. When the temperature of the cup is raised, the color will return to the original white. We can enjoy this beauty in all seasons of the year.

What are Color Change Glass Cups?

The color of the color change glass cups changes when the temperature is below 20°C.

The color change glass cups can change color because the color-changing paint of the cup changes color according to the temperature difference. Color-changing pigments are also called color-changing powders, which are composed of leucochromants, color developers and sensitizers (desensitizers).

The temperature-sensitive material is printed on the glass body, and the material used is a heat-sensitive material, non-toxic, lead-free, and chromium-free, which can meet European standards.

Color Change Glass Cups

When the temperature changes, the chromogen releases protons, and the leucochrome changes color after absorbing electrons. Of course, this color-changing system must be in a special solvent environment to change color. Therefore, the color-changing pigments can only be used after being processed by packaging technology.

Color Change Principle of Glass Cups

Through a special process, the temperature-changing powder is modulated into a thermochromic ink, and then screen-printed on white or transparent flower paper. The color-changing effect can be transferred to the surface of the glass drinking cup by water transfer printing or thermal transfer technology, and a beautiful color-changing effect can be achieved.

There are many kinds of temperature-changing effects, such as discoloration when it is heated, discoloration when it is cold, and discoloration when you touch it. Regardless of the color change method, the color change principle is the same. The colors of discoloration are rich and colorful, red, yellow, orange red, dark green, royal blue, malachite green, violet, black, brown, and so on.

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