Glass Bottle Packaging Supplier

Yafu Glass is a large glass bottle packaging supplier, our glass bottle packaging container is a kind of transparent container made of molten glass material by blowing and molding.

Glass bottle packaging suppliers can also have colorful colors, and reasonable color design can make the product packaging better for the use of the scene. We can also according to the characteristics of the product, the perfect design into the color bottle, in order to highlight the personality of the product packaging.

A personalized glass packaging container, to a certain extent, can attract the attention of consumers. Exquisite glass bottle packaging can improve the exposure of the product, thus improving product awareness, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing product sales.

Best Glass Bottle Packaging Supplier

Our glass containers are widely used in daily life, including food bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, and other daily necessities.

Glass Bottle Packaging Supplier offer different capacities for different purposes:

Glass Bottle Production​

Canned, honey, milk, and other food glass bottle production is large. Multi-purpose wide-mouth bottle, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L.

Medical bottles include brown drizzles with a capacity of 10 ~ 200mL, infusion bottles with a capacity of 100 ~ 1000mL, and completely sealed amphoras.

The bottle capacity of chemical reagents is generally 250 ~ 1200mL, and the bottle mouth is mostly screw or grinding mouth.

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