How to Choose Glass Perfume Bottles

Glass perfume bottles type design has more and more artistic temperament, crystal clear bottle body like a piece of exquisite art. The perfume concept contained in glass bottle is the essence of perfume bottle design.

How to choose glass perfume bottles is the soul of a good perfume. Glass perfume bottle is for perfume service, it is based on the characteristics of perfume, with a variety of perfume factors designed.

Glass Perfume Bottles Shape

The shape of glass perfume bottle has been quite rich to this day. Yafu Glass is a glass perfume bottle manufacturer and we have a wide range of glass perfume bottles in stock.

In addition to square, round, heart, crescent, cone, inverted trapezoid and other shapes that can be described, there are many unique glass bottle shapes that can not be described in language.

Among the many glass perfume bottles, each one has its own characteristics and competes for splendor. Perfume bottle shape with different personality characteristics to attract different people.

Round Glass Perfume Bottles

With each unique perfume bottle, you can see the evolution of glass bottle design. If you need Glass bottle packaging design, you can send your requirements to Yafu Glass for professional design, we provide the best quality and price.

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