Cosmetic Bottle Pump

Cosmetic bottle pump is widely used in the cosmetics industry, in the field of skin care and wash care, perfume has been applied. Such as shampoo, bath milk, skin lotion, essence, anti-lotion, BB cream, foundation, facial cleanser, hand soap and other products are used.

We offer a wide range of spray pump heads and lotion pump heads, they go well with our glass cosmetic bottles in different styles.

Cosmetic bottle pump is a matching tool for removing the contents of glass cosmetic bottles. The cosmetic pump sprayer is a liquid dispenser that uses the principle of atmospheric equilibrium to pump the liquid out of the bottle by pressing and replenishing the outside atmosphere into the bottle.

Cosmetic Bottle Pump Components

The conventional emulsion pump head is often composed of nozzle, upper pump column, lock cover, gasket, bottle cap, pump plug, lower pump column, spring, pump body, glass ball, straw and other accessories.

According to the structural design requirements of different pumps, the relevant accessories will be different, but its principle and the ultimate purpose are the same, that is to effectively remove the contents.

Aluminum Sprayer Pump

How a Perfume Spray Bottle Works

Manually press down the pressure handle of the perfume spray bottle, the volume in the spring chamber decreases, and the pressure increases. Liquid perfume through the spool hole into the nozzle cavity, and then through the nozzle to spray out the liquid.

At this time, release the pressure handle, the volume in the spring chamber increases, forming negative pressure. The ball opens under negative pressure and the liquid in the bottle enters the spring chamber.

Trapezoidal Glass Perfume Bottle

At this time, there is a good liquid in the valve body. When the handle is pressed, the perfume stored in the valve body will rush up and spray out through the nozzle.

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