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Glass Wine Bottle

The Glass Wine Bottle is available in amber and green. Available in 500ml, 750ml and 1500ml. The empty wine glass bottles have small mouths, and the bottom of the wine bottle is recessed. Make wine look extra special in stylish glass bottles.

Glass Wine Bottles For Sale

Model Number: YF-20010203zcl

Capacity 500ml 750ml 1500ml

Material: Glass

Color: Amber, Green

Shape: Round

Glass Wine Bottle Supplier

We offer glass wine bottles in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Wine glass bottles are pressure-resistant, have higher strength, and appear more atmospheric and textured.

The bottoms of the wines are very deep and the walls are thick. The function of the deep concave bottom of the champagne glass bottle is to have a high compressive strength to prevent explosion-proof bottles.

Why do wine glass bottles have concave bottoms?

The concave bottom is to improve the impact ability of the wine bottle. Flat-bottomed wine bottles have poor resistance to impact, while concave-bottomed bottles have higher physical strength, which can greatly reduce the probability of damage caused by collisions.

A uniform base will be formed around the concave bottom, which improves the stability of the wine bottle when it is placed upright.

The concave bottom can reduce the internal volume of the wine glass bottle, and the wine bottle looks more atmospheric.

The concave bottom is conducive to the operation of the champagne glass bottle. The thumb is inserted into the groove for easier operation when turning the bottle, and it also provides convenience for serving wine.

The cultivation period of red wine is longer, and it is safer to use a concave bottom pressure-resistant wine bottle. It is easier to remove sediment from aged wines when drinking.

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