Glass Oil Container for Kitchen

The glass oil container for kitchen is designed with a smart automatic bottle cap. The lid automatically opens when the carafe is tilted and closes when it is upright, allowing for easy one-handed pouring. Oil glass containers are perfect for dispensing liquid condiments in the kitchen, such as olive oil, syrup, vinegar, cooking wine, soy sauce, and more.

Glass Oil Bottles for Kitchen

Model Number: YF-GOB11

Capacity: 300ml, 600ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Lid: Plastic Lid

We offer glass oil containers for kitchen in two capacities: 300ml and 600ml. This oil bottle is made of food-grade glass. The glass oil bottle is thick and sturdy for durability. Silicone airtight gasket inside the cap to avoid leaks and spills. Comfortable handle and easy-grip design, just one hand to grab and use.

Glass Olive Oil Dispenser
Olive Oil Pourer

Glass Oil Container for Kitchen Features

The glass oil bottle comes with a measurement label, perfect for recipes that require precise oil amounts. The glass oil container for kitchen features a wide mouth for quick and easy cleaning and refilling.

The stainless steel spout provides complete control over pouring just the right amount of oil. Oil won’t drip or leak from the spout, keeping bottles and countertops clean.

Olive Oil Measuring Dispenser
Olive Oil Bottle With Spout

Glass Olive Oil Dispensers Wholesale

Yafu Glass offers glass olive oil containers for kitchens wholesale in different shapes and sizes. Thick glass oil bottles provide longer life than others. The oil return hole helps perfectly prevent excess oil from leaking out. Humanized handle, comfortable and convenient to hold.

The glass olive oil dispensers are very convenient to use with one hand. Simply tilt the bottle slightly and the oil pours automatically, and the built-in spout ensures drip-free pouring every time.

Best Olive Oil Container
Olive Oil Bottle Pourer

How to use glass oil container for kitchen? Glass bottle with auto flip is designed for storing and dispensing olive oil. When filling empty glass oil bottles, do not overfill, preferably below the maximum mark. Don’t use too much force when pouring the oil, pour as gently as possible. Do not pour boiling liquid directly into the container.

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