Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

The glass oil dispenser for kitchen is a non-drip glass dispenser with a diamond shape. This glass olive oil bottle dispenser has a capacity of 200ml, this diamond glass dispenser can be used to pour oil, vinegar, sauces, honey, and more.

Glass Oil Dispenser

Model Number: YF-GOB06

Capacity: 200ml

Shape: diamond shape

Material: Glass

Size: D9.5*15cm

Borosilicate Glass Oil Dispenser
Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

The olive oil dispenser is made with high quality lead-free glass bottle, a non-slip silicone base, and stainless steel metal top. The transparent glass holder prevents olive oil from leaking and is easy to clean.

How to Use Glass Oil Dispenser for Kitchen

Glass Olive Oil Dispenser
Clear Glass Oil and Honer Dispenser

This glass oil dispenser for kitchen is easy to use. Just press the release on the handle and it will flow from the bottom. Release the button and the silicone plug will block the outlet, stopping the flow of olive oil immediately, with no trace of dripping.

This glass container can be used not only as an olive oil dispenser, but also as a best glass dispenser for honey, vinegar, and sauces. We also have the Honeycomb Glass Honey Dispenser.

The honeycomb glass honey dispenser is similar in structure to this diamond-shaped glass oil dispenser for the kitchen. They all have three parts: a push button, a transparent bottle, and a base.

Olive Oil And Vinegar Dispenser
Glass Oil Dispenser With Stand

Glass Olive Oil Dispensers Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glass container manufacturer, we offer olive oil glass bottles for kitchen in different shapes and colors. The glass olive oil bottle easily dispenses the right amount of oil. The push-to-glass dispenser is drip-free and reduces fuel consumption. Each glass dispenser is perfect for dispensing cooking oil, condiments and vinegar without leaking and keeping everything clean.

Our diamond glass oil dispenser for kitchen is environmentally friendly and reusable, with a suitable cover for good leak-proof and sealing. Perfect for storing all kinds of cooking oils, vinegar, soy sauces, and other cooking containers.

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