Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

The new glass oil bottle with silicone brush has a capacity of 180ml and a wide mouth for easy refilling. You can easily squeeze the olive oil. The empty glass oil bottle can fill oil, honey, sauces and so on. The silicone dropper measuring oil dispenser bottle can be widely used for kitchen cooking, frying, baking, BBQ, pancake and air fryer.

Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

Model Number: YF-GOB08

Capacity: 180ml

Shape: Round

Lid: Silicone Dropper

Size: 2.56*7.09in

Small Olive Oil Bottles with Silicone Brush
Olive Oil Glass Dispenser With Brush

The glass oil bottle with silicone brush consists of silicone straw tip, transparent oil storage container, silicone brush, PP filter funnel, PE straw, and glass bottle.

Precise scales in the transparent oil reservoir control the amount of oil that comes out without staining the table or clothes. Each part of the glass oil bottle with silicone brush can be disassembled and cleaned individually, and the brush can also be used separately.

How to Use Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

Small Glass Oil Dispenser with Brush
Silicone Brush for Oil Bottle

The glass oil bottle with silicone brush worked great on a variety of foods, including meats, pastries, veggies, and Marinade. With a single pinch, the oil is quickly drawn into the oil container. Then you can gently squeeze the silicone head to spread the oil on the food. The T-shaped dense brush head is great for spreading olive oil to food or pans.

Olive Oil Dispensers With Dropper Wholesale

Vinegar And Olive Oil Bottles with Silicone Brush

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle manufacturer, we offer and wholesale glass oil bottles with droppers and brushes in different colors. Food-grade glass and silicone brushes ensure food safety and environmental friendliness.

Our cooking oil dropper bottle is smooth and transparent, the opening is large and easy to fill with olive oil, the glass is thick and firm, and it is easy to clean. The silicone brush head is heat resistant, and the silicone brush is heat resistant up to 250°C. The bristles won’t melt or break, making it safe for cooking.

Glass Oil Bottles With Droppers
Small Oil Bottle Silicone Brush

The glass olive oil dispenser bottle is a great kitchen tool for adding just the right amount of flavor to a specialty dish. For cooking oil in the kitchen, use a silicone brush to lightly brush the oil evenly over the surface of the pan. These glass oil bottle dispensers can be used for brushing jam, and brushing honey water, but also for outdoor grilling, brushing steak, frying eggs, and more.

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