200Ml Diffuser Glass Bottle

The 200Ml diffuser glass bottle features a tapered design that is beautiful, sturdy, and reusable. The 200ml glass diffuser bottles are available in 4 colors: brown, red, blue, and black.

200Ml Diffuser Glass Bottle

Model Number: YF-DB15

Capacity: 200ml

Color: Amber, Blue, Black, Red

Material: Glass

Shape: Tapered

Size: 11*10cm

Blue Diffuser Bottle
Black Diffuser Bottle
Red Diffuser Bottle

The 200ml glass diffuser bottle is versatile, it can be used as a reed diffuser, decorative aromatherapy bottle, glass bud vase, or essential oil container. The glass bottle has a bell mouth and the perfume or essential oil will release the scent, keeping the entire space scented continuously.

200Ml Diffuser Glass Bottle Features

200Ml Diffuser Glass Bottles Bulk
Diffuser Bottles Bulk
Wholesale Reed Diffuser Bottles
  • The 200ml diffuser glass bottle¬†is made of thickened glass and adopts a Nordic simple design.
  • The body of the glass bottle is round and smooth, carefully polished, and can be used with confidence.
  • The bottom of the bottle adopts a thickened design, which will not tip over and is stable and durable.

Wholesale Reed Diffuser Bottles

Empty Diffuser Bottles Wholesale
200Ml Reed Diffuser Glass Bottles

Yafu Glass is a professional manufacturer of glass bottles and jars, we offer wholesale empty reed diffuser glass bottles in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Our empty diffuser bottles are available in 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml glass bottle sizes. Diffusion bottle shapes include round, square, conical and diamond glass diffusion bottles. We produce clear and colored reed diffuser bottles, with color options including black, grey, pink and red.

We can also provide custom sizes in smaller or larger designs as per customer requirements. We also offer a wide range of other bottle cap accessories, such as screw caps, corks and wooden caps.

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