Best Glass Bottles for Milk

As traditional milk packaging, glass bottles for milk are environmentally friendly, low in cost, reusable, non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, and beautiful, with good barrier properties, and heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and wash-resistant.

Various advantages determine that glass bottles for milk can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures. Glass bottles for milk are convenient and more sustainable for delivery, and reusable glass bottles are more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. Milk in glass bottles does not contain too many preservatives, and the shelf life is relatively short.

Glass Milk Bottles with Lids

Glass bottles are the best containers for storing milk, but most of the milk we see in supermarkets is packed in cartons or plastic. This is because the glass bottle itself is heavy, and labor costs and transportation costs are much higher than carton packaging. The biggest advantage of carton packaging is its lightness and low cost.

Why not Eliminate Glass Bottles for Milk?

Most of the glass bottled milk is produced locally and has a fixed market, and the bottled milk is delivered on time to ensure freshness of the milk. The milk delivered to the door is all in glass bottles, so that we can drink the freshest milk every day.

The nature of the glass milk bottle is very stable, and the milk does not react with the glass container, which can ensure the stability of the composition of the milk. The high-quality nutrition in the milk can be better preserved, and the fresh taste can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Pasteurized fresh milk needs to maintain a good low-temperature environment during transportation and storage, and glass bottles can maintain the low-temperature effect for a long time. It can better give the milk a low-temperature storage environment and lock in nutrients better.

Yafu Glass is a professional glass milk bottle manufacturer. Our glass bottles for milk have a high recycling rate and are environmentally friendly. Consumers need to put the empty glass bottles back in the milk carton for recycling.

Compared with other packaging materials, the glass bottle is transparent and beautiful, and you can see the quality (color, shape) of the milk in the glass bottle at a glance.

Fresh milk is poured into the clear glass bottle, shake slightly, and the pure white milk drops slowly into the transparent bottle, the rich texture is clearly visible, and the feeling is extremely fresh.

Advantages of Glass Milk Bottles

  1. Conducive to environmental protection: glass bottles for milk can be reused many times. This is unparalleled in carton packaging.
  2. The cost is very low: the cost of glass milk bottles is cheaper than cartons. Whether it is cleaning or canning, whether it is high-temperature sterilization or low-temperature freezing, the operation and cost are lower than those of carton packaging.
  3. Can visually see the contents: we can see the milk in glass bottles at a glance, which can arouse appetite, which is very effective for marketing.
  4. Good barrier performance: no contact with the outside, and the inside of the glass bottle will not be polluted by external pollutants.
  5. The price of bottled milk is high: Glass bottled milk feels more layered, obviously purer, and significantly better than cartons in terms of grade. Therefore, most milks in glass bottles milk have high prices than cartons on the market.

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