What Kind of Cosmetic Bottles Do Women Like?

What kind of cosmetic bottles do women like, glass bottles, ceramic bottles, or plastic bottles?

A study showed that up to 78% of female friends choose glass materials. 46% of them choose to prefer translucent glass cosmetic bottles.

Whether it is a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, they have their advantages and characteristics. Before making a choice, you can consider the importance of cosmetic packaging for weight, safety, appearance, and environmental protection to find the most suitable cosmetic bottle.

Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Advantages

Plastic cosmetic bottles have some obvious advantages.

  • First, plastic cosmetic bottles are usually lightweight and easy to carry. Especially when you need to travel or carry it out.
  • Secondly, plastic bottles can resist impact, are not easily broken, and are relatively safer.
  • In addition, plastic bottles are cheaper to produce, so they are often cheaper to sell than glass bottles.
Clear Cosmetic Bottles

Glass Cosmetic Bottles Advantages

Glass cosmetic bottles also have their unique advantages.

  • First of all, glass material is very good for maintaining the quality and purity of cosmetics and will not affect the ingredients and validity period of the product.
  • Secondly, glass bottles are easier to clean and recycle, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
  • Moreover, glass cosmetic bottles generally have a higher grade and more elegant appearance, giving the product a more luxurious feel.
  • Glass bottles are more convenient and more thorough to sterilize than plastic bottles. The simplest and most thorough way to sterilize packaging materials is to wash them with water and then bake and sterilize them at high temperatures. It’s okay to wash and bake glass bottles because glass is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Plastic bottles cannot handle high temperatures and will melt as soon as they are heated. They cannot be cleaned and will be filled with water after washing. Ozone and ultraviolet disinfection are very weak and can only be sent to specialized agencies for processing, which wastes time and increases costs. Therefore, plastic bottles are rarely used to package cosmetics.

If you want to custom Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set, you can send your inquiry to yafuglass@sxyafu.com. Yafu Glass specializes in customizing glass cosmetic packaging materials and can bring you a good cooperation experience.

Custom Glass Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

Yafu Glass is a manufacturer specializing in wholesale glass bottles and jars, we also provide OEM and ODM services. Glass cosmetic bottle products provide a full range of services, from mold opening, sample, production, frosting, screen printing, spraying, bronzing, and electroplating to delivery.

We offer different accessories for empty glass bottles to make them even more useful. They can be used as perfume bottles, essential oil bottles, lotion bottles, foundation bottles, nail polish bottles, lipstick bottles, and face cream jars.

Sprayers for Perfume Botles

Benefits of Yafu Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Beautiful Appearance

We have clear glass bottles, frosted glass bottles, gold glass bottles, and other colored glass cosmetic bottles.

These glass cosmetic bottles have the alluring charm of purity, elegance, and nobility. At the same time, it has a heavy feel, which makes people feel that the grade of cosmetics has been improved and brings a sense of trust. These are not found in plastic bottles.

More importantly, glass bottles have superior three-dimensional craft decoration functions, which greatly enriches the packaging effect of cosmetics and improves the grade of cosmetics.

Good Sealing

Our lids are available in different styles. These include lotion pump dispensers, liquid sprayers, dropper caps, and screw caps with stoppers.

The cosmetic bottle series are all chemical-based, especially the whitening and nutritional series of cosmetics. Although it contains a lot of nutrients, these nutrients are easily oxidized. Therefore, the packaging of these cosmetics requires good sealing. The sealing performance of glass bottles is better than that of other packaging materials, with strong barrier properties, and it will not chemically react with cosmetics.

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