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Modern Hourglass

The modern hourglass is a device for measuring time. An hourglass consists of two glass spheres and a narrow connecting pipe. Time is measured by the time it takes for a glass sphere filled with sand to flow into the empty glass sphere at the bottom. Once all the sand has flowed down to the bottom glass ball, the hourglass can be turned upside down to measure time.

Modern Hourglass

Model Number: YF-HG01

Capacity: 5min, 30min, 60min

Material: Glass

Color: Transparent

Shape: Funnel Shape

Size: 12cm, 20cm, 23.5cm

We offer modern hourglasses of different sizes for recording different times and meeting different needs. The hourglass timer set has timers for different times: 10-minute timer, 15-minute timer, 30-minute timer, 60-minute timer, etc.

The sand inside our hourglass comes in many colors: pink sand hourglass, black sand hourglass, gold sand hourglass, blue sand hourglass, green sand hourglass, white sand hourglass, etc. The practical hourglass timer is both a work of art and a practical timekeeping tool. They provide optimal time frames for work and rest.

The modern hourglass is great for classroom use, playtime, children’s teeth brushing, children’s learning, self-control, mental training, and cooking. The unique hourglass is an excellent time management tool, and the hourglass timer provides a visual aid to let kids know how much time is left. Children know the time frame they need to read, play, watch, and more.

Modern Hourglass Supplier

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale hour glasses in different colors and sizes. Our modern hourglass is made of borosilicate glass, 100% hand-blown clear glass.

It is not difficult to make an hourglass, and different hourglasses are made differently.

The raw material for making an hourglass is a straight glass tube. After cutting, it is turned and heated on a rotating wheel, and then stretched to both ends to make a narrow channel in the middle.

The making of an hourglass is a test of the craftsman’s skills. If the narrow part in the middle is overheated, the through hole will be glued, and you have to use a stick to poke it open.

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