Milk Glass Jar With Lid

The milk glass jar with lid is made of high-quality BPA-free glass. These small glass bottles have a capacity of 100ml. The high-quality glass jars are elegantly designed, and the clear glass can clearly distinguish the contents inside. They are Perfect for storing small servings of yogurt, pudding, and more. 

Mini Milk Bottle 100Ml

Model Number: YF-GMB07

Capacity: 100ML

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Cap: Plastic, Metal, Cork

Mini Glass Juice Bottles
Mini Milk Bottles with Plastic Lids

We offer various styles of lids (metal cover, plastic cover, cork cover, etc.) for these transparent small glass bottles and jars. They can be used to store pudding, milk, yogurt, jam, jelly, mousse, candles, baby food, etc. These mini glass jars with lids are versatile and perfect for making jams, jellies, puddings, spices, honey, yogurt or homemade candles.

Mini Glass Milk Bottles With Lids
Small Clear Glass Milk Bottles

Milk Glass Jar With Lid Features

  • The milk glass jar with lid has a smooth surface and is easy to clean, easy to use and safe to store. 
  • The lid tightly seals the glass milk jar to prevent leakage and preserve food.
  • Our clear glass milk jars can also be customized, each glass jar is printed with a cute cartoon face design, chic and fashionable.

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