50ml -750ml Square Glass Honey Jars for Sale

The square glass honey jars for sale are available in sizes from 50ml to 750ml. The square honey jar is made of thick glass, making it sturdy and durable. Clear glass bottles display honey beautifully. Each honey glass jar has a screw-on lid to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. These glass jars are perfect for storing jam, honey or candies.

50ml -750ml Square Glass Honey Jars for Sale

Model Number: YF-GHJ007

Capacity: 50ml,100ml, 180ml, 360ml, 750ml

Shape: Square

Material: Glass

Size: 4.5*6.8cm, 6*8cm, 6.8*9.5cm, 8.3*12cm, 10*14.2cm

Iron Cover for Glass Jars
Caps for Glass Honey Jars
Aluminum Cover for Glass Jars

We provide various materials of sealing lids for glass honey jars for sale, aluminum lids, iron lids, plastic lids and wooden lids. Each lid is professionally designed to be easy to open and close. The lining creates a very strong seal with the top of the glass storage jar, preventing any leaks and keeping the honey fresh.

Square Glass Honey Jars
Glass Honey Jars Wholesale

Square Glass Honey Jars Features

  • Glass jars will not interact with the honey, and will not release harmful chemicals, ensuring the honey remains pure.
  • Each square honey jar has an airtight lid to prevent leaks and keep contents fresh.
  • The square glass jar has a wide mouth, is easy to clean, and can be reused.
  • Square glass jars save space and are easy to hold, making them ideal for home kitchen storage.
Glass Honey Jars for Sale
Square Glass Honey Jars for Sale

Bulk Glass Honey Jars for Sale

We produce wholesale glass honey jars with various capacities for storing honey, 50ml,100ml, 180ml, 360ml, and 750ml. We accept OEM and ODM, customized shapes of glass bottles and jars. We can also perform post-processing on glass jars, spray color, screen printing, frosting, electroplating, labeling on bottles, etc.

The square glass honey jars for sale have good sealing performance, which can prevent the intrusion of external gases into the honey, prevent the honey from deteriorating, and extend the shelf life of the honey. Empty glass honey jars with lids prevent the volatile components of honey from escaping into the atmosphere.

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