Glass Bento Box

Glass bento box with bamboo lid uses borosilicate glass, a premium quality glass that is the strongest glass available and can withstand temperatures up to 520°F. The silicone seal on the lid securely holds soups, lunches, sandwiches and more.

Pyrex Glass Bento Box

Model Number: YF-GC02

Capacity: 370ml-1500ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Round, square, rectangle

Color: Clear

Bento Glass Box
Bento Glass Containers

We offer glass lunch boxes with bamboo lids in three different shapes: round, square, and rectangular.

Glass Bento Boxes
Bento Glass Lunch Box
Glass Bento Box Containers
Size (cm)D13.7*H6.3D15.6*H7D18*H7.6D20.2*H8.3
Size (cm)D12*H6.7D13.8*H7.3D15.8*H8D18.3*H7.7
Size (cm)D15.2*H5.7D17.7*H6.4D20.5*H7D23*H7.6

Glass Bento Box Vs Plastic Lunch Box

Glass Bento Box With Bamboo Lid
Pyrex Bento Box

Now, most of the lunch boxes on the market are plastic and glass, and glass lunch boxes are safer. Below is a brief description of the differences between the two materials:

  1. Glass bento boxes are easier to clean than plastic ones, and the texture is better
  2. Plastic lunch boxes are lighter and cheaper, while glass lunch boxes are heavier.
  3. The glass bento box can be heated in the microwave oven without a peculiar smell. However, if the plastic lunch box is heated in the microwave oven, it will produce an odor.
  4. The plastic lunch box is used many times, and it is easy to cause scratches when cleaning, and bacteria will breed in the scratches. So the glass material is good, of course, the glass is easier to break.
  5. No matter what food with a strong taste is preserved, there will be no smell in the glass lunch box. The plastic lunch box will have food taste residue after a long time of use.

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