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Glass Juice Cup

The glass juice cup features a creative sail shape and is made of high-quality lead-free glass. The curve of the transparent glass is elegant and beautiful, and it is formed in one piece. Handcrafted glass drink cups are sturdy and durable.

Crescent Shape Custom Glass Cups

Model Number: YF-GC005

Capacity: 350ml, 500ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Sail Shape

This crescent-shaped glass cup is perfect for serving water, juice, wine, beer, cocktails, juice drinks, and more. Beautiful cocktails can be seen clearly through the clear glass.

We offer this sail shape glass juice cup in two capacities: 250ml and 500ml. Available in two different shapes: smooth-walled and vertically-striped glass. The vertical striped glass wall line meets the surface embellishment.

Creative Glass Juice Cup Features

The rounded mouth is made by laser cold cutting and polishing in multiple processes.

The thickness of the glass water cup is moderate, firm and stable, heat-resistant and non-slip.

These drinking glass cups are super easy to clean and put in the dishwasher safely.

The sail shape makes the Unique Glass Cups comfortable to hold, and the heavy base provides maximum stability.

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