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Glass Iced Coffee Cup With Straw

The glass iced coffee cup with straw has a unique star appearance design, which is elegant and charming. The classic transparent water cup is eye-catching and can bring people a wonderful visual experience. These stylish drinking glasses are not only functional but also a stylish decorative element.

Glass Tumbler With Lid And Straw

Model Number: YF-GC032

Capacity: 300ml

Color: Clear, Blue

Material: Glass

Shape: Star Shape

Size: 8.3*13.2cm

This glass iced coffee cup with straw has a 300ml capacity, suitable for a variety of drinks. They are perfect for homes, kitchens, breweries, cafes, bars and restaurants. This tumbler is made of high-quality and durable glass material, the thick glass water bottle with straw can withstand high and low temperatures.

The star shape glass iced coffee cup with straw is finely polished and the mouth is round and smooth, so it won’t hurt hands. The thickened bottom of the cup is non-slip and wear-resistant, making it stable and difficult to tip over. The glass straws are made of high-quality materials and are safe to use. The star-shaped cover has a built-in thick silicone pad for a dust-proof seal.

Glass Iced Coffee Cup With Straw Supplier

We have a variety of glass iced coffee cups with straws. These glassware are not just regular clear drinking glasses, they come with straws and beautiful glass lids for easy drinking. These accessories can provide an enhanced drinking experience.

There is a round hole on the top of each cup lid for placing a straw. There is a silicone strip at the bottom of the cup lid, which can seal and prevent leakage and reduce leakage caused by tilting the cup. Place the glass lid over the cup, insert the glass straw, and sip to the drinks.

The wide-mouth design makes the glass water tumbler with straw easy to clean. These clear drinking glasses are easily hand washable and dishwasher safe.

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