Foundation Pump Bottle

The foundation pump bottle is made of frosted glass, is square, and has a capacity of 30ml. Surface handling adopts hot stamping. Available colors are white, pink, and black. The size is 105mm*37mm.

Foundation Pump Glass Bottle

Model Number: YF-FB02

Capacity: 30ml

Shape: Square

Material: Frosted Glass

Size: D37*105mm

Liquid foundation cosmetics are emulsions and do not have a distinct appearance. It has to express its characteristics through a beautiful and unique glass bottle design. Most of them use translucent or fully transparent glass foundation bottles to highlight the composition and color of the liquid.

Foundation Pump Glass Bottle
Foundation Bottle with Pump

Glass Foundation Pump Bottle Features

  • Good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, hygienic and clean, without any adverse effect on the packaging.
  • Foundation pump bottle has good barrier properties and can provide good shelf life.
  • Good transparency, the contents are visible. Good rigidity and not easy to deform.
  • Glass foundation bottle has good formability and can be processed into various shapes.
  • Good temperature tolerance, can be sterilized at high temperature, and can also be stored at low temperature.
  • The raw materials are abundant, and can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment.
Clear Foundation Pump Bottle
Refillable Foundation Bottle

Glass Cosmetic Packaging Advantages

Thorough, pure, noble, and elegant, is the charm of glass bottles. The design and use of fashionable, eye-catching, dynamic, and interesting outer glass bottles are one of the decisive means for cosmetic manufacturers.

As the “coat” of the product, the glass bottle not only has the function of holding and protecting the product, but also has the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.

Especially in the terminal display, scene marketing, atmosphere marketing, etc., glass bottle cosmetics are very advantageous and powerful. In this way, glass costmetic bottles are the best choice for the task of “maximizing customer attraction and brand performance”.

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