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Brown Glass Cookware

Brown glass cookware has a transparent body, and the high-quality amber glass pot on stove makes it easy to observe food while cooking. The glass cooking pot can fry, stew, and boil. It is not easy to stick to the pan and less oily smoke when using.

Brown Glass Cooking Pots

Model Number: YF-GCP06

Capacity: 2L, 3L, 5L

Material: glass

Color: Amber

Shape: Round

Size: 31.11*21.6cm

During the cooking process, the brown glass cooking pot can restore the original taste of the ingredients well, and the cooked food is also beautiful in color.

The amber glass cookware has two handles, which makes it easy to transport the pan directly from the oven to the table.

Brown Glass Cookware Features

Brown glass pots are chemical-free and do not chemically react with food.

The amber glass pot is resistant to high temperatures and has a strong heat storage capacity, making it suitable for stewing.

Non-porous glass material will not absorb food tastes, stains or odors.

Durable round glass pots and pans are safe to cook on gas and electric ranges.

Brown glass cooking pots are refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

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