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Glass Cooking Pot

Glass Cooking Pot is round and has a capacity of 4.5L and 3.5L. It is mainly used for cooking food, suitable for gas and induction cookers. The transparent glass pot body, ingredients and cooking status are clearly visible.

Clear Glass Cooking Pots And Pans

Model Number: YF-GCP01

Material: Glass

Shape: round

Capacity: 4.5L / 3.5L

Usage: Cooking Food

Applicable Stove: Gas and Induction Cooker

The glass pot with wooden handles is made of heat-resistant glass, the pot itself does not contain metal substances. The transparent glass cooking pot is easy to clean, has strong wear resistance, no scratches, and is still crystal clear after long-term use. 

The wooden handle makes it easy to hold the glass pot and avoid hot hands. The double handle of the glass pot enables safe transfer of pots and pans. The wooden handle is the perfect size for a comfortable grip.

The glass surface is smooth and air-free, and it is not easy to leave stains and aftertastes. No harmful substances will be precipitated when heated. They will not react chemically with acid and alkali foods.

Glass Saucepan with Lid and Wood Handle

Glass pans and pots are scratch resistant and won’t rust like inferior metal pans. The smooth glass surface is easy to clean and maintain. 

Clear pyrex glass cooking pots and pans can be used to make delicate and delicious dishes. They are perfect for baby food, milk, sauces and especially instant noodles.

Borosilicate Glass Cooking Pot Supplier

Glass cookware is the safest, greenest, and healthiest cooking pot. They do not react chemically with any food. Our glass pots are made of borosilicate glass. They are suitable for gas stoves, microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc.

Borosilicate glass pots can withstand temperatures up to 1832°F. They are suitable for gas burners and ceramic cooktops. Glass stew pots are best for making, and reheating stews, soups, and herbal teas.

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