Bear Double Wall Glass Mug

Bear double wall glass mug is lined with an upside-down bear, which is realistic and cute. The cute bear glass cup is made of borosilicate glass material, durable and eco-friendly, it can withstand temperatures from -20 to 130 degrees Celsius. This double glass coffee mug can hold up to 250-270ml.

Bear Double Wall Glass

Model Number: YF-DGC005

Capacity: 250-270ml

Color: Clear, Brown

Material: Glass

Shape: Bear Shape

Double Wall Glass Bear Cups
Bear Glass Cups

The bear glass cup is designed with a wide mouth, which is smooth and does not leave stains, and is easy to clean. The cup body is transparent and the bottom is firm and thick. The flat bottom places the countertop stable.

The bear double wall glass mug can be used for cappuccino, latte, espresso, tea, beverages, milk, beer, and more.

Double Wall Espresso Cups
Double Wall Glass Bear

Bear Double Wall Glass Mug Supplier

Yafu Glass is a manufacturer specializing in the production of glassware. We offer the bear double wall glass cups in various shapes. We can also make custom glass mugs according to customers’ needs.

The double-layer glass coffee cup has a three-dimensional appearance. The high-quality glass coffee cup has a rounded and smooth mouth and a comfortable touch. The inside is made of bear-shaped glass, and the outer layer is made of smooth clear glass.

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